Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arroyo Continues to Be One Reliable Member of Rotation, Update* Reds 8-6

* As I just remembered, I tuned out last night with the Reds up 6-2 in the 9th with Burton on the mound. Apparently, some things happened after that point and I didn't look at the boxscore until now. So, I will leave the below alone because most of it remains very much the same and I am very, very lazy. Regardless of my inattentiveness, Reds are the big weiners.

As any knowledgeable fan knew coming into the season, Arroyo is on his way to leading the team in nearly every significant pitching statistics, notably post game concerts and covers of Staind songs. He tied the Brewers up last night for 7 innings and punched them in the stomach while the new and improved Reds offense, featuring both Corky Miller and Darnell McDonald, for a third of the game anyway. Cork, who was drafted by the Reds way back in the same class as Dunn and Kearns, has hung around the major leagues on his good looks and charming personality. Fortunately, the Reds are in need of just that type of guy. He, according to the press release, calls a good game and wasn't going to take Arroyo out of his groove. Sounds good. He even added a couple of hits. Nice job Cork, good to see you again.

With the win last night, looks like the Reds have finally figured things out. With a rookie with less than 30 at bats leading things off, followed by Yanish Janish and lofty low .200's batting average, Dusty's assembled a lineup where it is impossible not to score some runs. You round out the lineup with Rosales and Cork/Tatum followed by the pitcher and you've really got something. Though, nice to see Rolen's return and fine play. Four hits in one night by someone other than Votto? That is simply not believable. Reds continue fine play today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Untapp'dPotential said...

Staind cover songs, that's good stuff. Got your Bats' playoff tickets? Neither do I, but that doesn't mean they aren't taking care of business. Magic number at four...