Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reds Change Things Up, Drop First Two to Giants

Arroyo continued his stretch of quality starts yesterday, putting together a solid 8-inning rockshow with only the one run allowed. The Reds offense, however, felt they had done some pretty good work Tuesday night and were done for the day. And Votto left with blurry vision brought on by depression and Lupus.

After providing Homeboy with a 5-1 run lead in the 6th, of course with the best arm in the league, next to Justin Lehr, Lincecum, on the hill, but Bailey orchestrated a pretty nice little comeback by the Giants. He loaded up the bases, of course striking out Sandoval but then walking Bengie Molina, and Randy Wynn knocked in a couple with a double, then Ryan Garko knocked in the tying runs with a single. There is no reason that Randy Wynn should be getting any hits and Bailey knows that. And the offense knows that, hence the no runs scored for Arroyo yesterday.

The Reds offense took a hit yesterday when their leadoff hitter with the .275 OBP landed on the DL with a bad case of Corey Patterson Syndrome. So, Drew Stubbs made his big league debut last night in center. He went 1 for 4 and we'll have to see how he matches up with big league pitching. In the early minors he'd shown some nice power in addition to good speed and well-above average defense in center. He's decided to go away from the power, in order to cut out some of the strikeouts. Even if he's completely overmatched, should be an upgrade for the team. Also, Cueto likely on the DL. Good to see all of the young pitchers wearing out and getting hurt. The future seems bright.

Harang takes the ball tonight again Matt Cain, who the Reds handled the last meeting. Expect a similar result today.

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