Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reds Punch Themselves in the Face with Their Fists, Reds Sweep 8-5

Pictured to the left is D.McD, owner of the game winning hit from last night's 10th inning victory over the, how about, hapless Brewers. The Kipster made his first start in about 5 years and was pretty decent, until he left one over the inning half of the plate to Cecil Jr. who hammered it out to right. He looks as if he ate an entire tofu buffalo or perhaps the American bison before the game but he sure can rake. So, Kip left down 3-2. But the Reds, as we've grown so accustomed, fought back, tied things up in the 8th, thanks to some Brewers shitty play then McDonald finished the game with a double to left-center in the 10th.

Today, Lehr had a tough first inning but the offense picked him up. Lehr actually ended up pitching passably well, sticking around for 7 and 2/3rds before a Mike Cameron shot sent him to the showers. Janish Yanish had two(?) doubles in the same game. Votto went 3 for 4 with a bomb and a double and Rolen had a key two-out RBI single in the Reds big inning, the 5th. Which, of course, all started with Bush walking Lehr to start the rally. That's exactly how Chris Bosio teaches these Brewers arms.

So, what we're learning is that this Reds team is very, very good. They just needed to get rid of some of bigger talents/dead weight. Stubbs put some good swings on the ball and it's looking more and more like the offseason crocodile attack is going to sideline Wilmy for next season. Defense is likely a slight upgrade with Stubbs and if he can get on base one out of every eight at bats or so, everyone is happy. Dodgers roll into town tomorrow to drop three staight. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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