Monday, August 31, 2009

Reds Extend Streak Then Begin New, Less Popular One, Dodgers, 3-2

Homeboy was lights-out Friday night, throwing a career high 8 innings and striking out 7 Dodgers. As has been widely mentioned, his fastball was still hitting 98 (on the home radar gun, but still) during his last inning of work. That's some premium gasoline. Now with that kind of arm along with Arroyo, Lehr, possibly Owings rounding out the rotation, the Reds are seeing the beginning of a very intimidating rotation. Arroyo was throwing that same sort of gas yesterday, pumping in 85 mph cheese into the 7th inning. And we all know about Lehr's velocity, described as 'underwhelming.' Big time.

The Reds showed up for the national FOX audience on Saturday, for about 6 innings anyway. Baloney gave up 4 in the first before settling and then unsettling and leaving with the Dodgers up 5-4. The Reds offense, after showing some heart, maybe even a little passion, coming back to tie the game at 4, then failed, in consecutive innings to score with the bases loaded. The 6th was on account of B. Phill's buddy, Orlando Hudson, or O-dog, making a fine, but infuriating, play on Rolen's liner up the middle. The pen, after watching the offense struggle, decided they weren't going to keep the game close anymore. They let the Dodgers unload and went home to the wives or mistresses. Of note, Craig Tatum and Janish Yanish both homered. Saturday will be the only time that ever happens.

Yesterday, offense was back to slow and lazy. Scoring two then relying on extra-innings to make their move. They didn't. Coco had some control issues and the Dodgers scored the go-ahead on a sac fly by Kemp. Broxton was wild in the Reds' half of the 12th, walking Rosales and Cork. But he overmatched Balentien and Stubbs, then pointed to the sky and the game was over.

Reds open a very interesting series with a double header with the P-rats today. Very interesting in the amount of interest in the game which is close to none. The Reds Rocket will be tuning in and the Reds begin another extended winning streak. Kip in the opener. Dusty's expecting big things and a long outing. I expect the same.

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