Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trade Deadline: Reds Get Old, Fans Love It

On Friday Jocketty and the front office simulteously acquired an aging third baseman in Scott Rolen and a fine young man by the name of Chase Weems and ridded the franchise of some dead weight in the way of power bullpen arms. There was simply no room in the pen for Roenicke or Manuel, shipped out previously in the Balentien deal, who were not in their 40's and throw too damn hard to get any work for Dusty. The Reds also tricked the Jays into accepting Zach Stewart who has progressed rather quickly through the system after being drafted out of Texas Tech but clearly has no future. Enjoy that 95 mph fastball people of Toronto. Suckers.

The Reds also said adios to long time friend of the Reds Rocket Edwin Encarnacion. Eddie who, apparently, raised his arms in triumph after being informed of the trade, was ready to get out of town. He didn't even waste his time talking with reporters after the deal. He was ready to get out of town. He's heard lots of nice things about Toronto from Votto. His bat never really got going this season after he pulled up lame early in the season and ended up missing 2/3rd of the season to date. The Reds Rocket will miss the aloof attitude, 4-6 inaccurate throws a week and, when healthy, above-average bat.

Rolen comes to Cincinnati bringing his strong glove to third base. He's even been hitting a little bit this year, though, the detractors point to the .370 batting average on balls in play. That's a little high, so his success may be subject to somewhat of a caveat. That and his ever dwindling power, likely make the acquisition subject to at least a little scrutiny. But he's old and he's got a sore back, so I am willing to cut him a little slack. At least his brain still feels great, as he hasn't gotten hit in the head with a pitch this season. At least he comes cheap, only the $11 million owed to him next season. That's only 7 million more than Eddie's getting next year and all those groundballs he's going to field make this look like a real winner. Looks like Jocketty's done it again.

Hairston's also gone. In return the Reds got a A-ball player, Weems. Didn't the Reds just draft a high school catcher who was supposed to cover the position for the next many years? I can't recall specifically. Something about Punxatawny and some 'bad weight gain' seems to come to mind. So, we'll be expecting Chase to play the 7 positions that Hairston could handle, preferably within the next couple of weeks. Get to it kid.

The Reds Rocket has no idea how the moves are going to work out. The Reds seem, at least according to everyone who reviewed the trades, to have gotten less than they gave up. At least they're watching that tight payroll of next season. You have to like the direction this team is heading.

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