Thursday, August 6, 2009

As Expected, Lehr Complete Game Shutout, Reds Dominate Cubs 4-0

The Reds big ol' losing streak came to an end last night due in large part to the great outing of Justin Lehr. Last night was Lehr's second career start and as ESPN continually reported, first career shutout. One for two isn't bad. I am pretty confident he can maintain the start:shutout ratio. That is, if he keeps his spot in the rotation. Owings is set to come off the DL by the time the fifth starter's spot comes up again. So, might be happy trails for Mr. Lehr. It's too bad because he feature a nice variety of tossed salad and the more of those guys in the rotation, the better. Five Bronson Arroyos flipping up 70 mph curveballs would be pretty sweet.

Scott Rolen's beard provided the offense last night, taking one out of the yard in the first giving the Reds a two-run cushion which, as we've seen consistently throughout the year, is insurmountable. After achieving the winning margin at such an early stage of the game, the Reds didn't even feel like getting on base much for the rest of the game. Willy Taveras actually provided 40% of the offense last night with two of the five hits. He even stole a couple of bases. Way to make an impact other than on defense Willy and other than negative on offense. I think he needs to incorporate more bunting into his skill set. Two groundouts to the pitcher a game is pretty good but three would be better.

Reds get a day off to rest and relax before heading out west to face the Giants. Lincecum had better be ready for the one beating he takes a year because it's coming, tomorrow night.

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