Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reds Lose? Inconceivable, Cubs 6-3

Things didn't look great from the outset yesterday as Cueto loaded up the count on the Cubs leadoff hitter, the Fukudome turned on one and gave the Cubs a 1-0 lead without anything else happening prior. Horry Kow. Leadoff homers hurt but those allowed to Fukudome are killers.

Cueto eventually settled down for a few innings before giving up four more in the 6th. His inability to pitch well is a bit troubling, especially based upon how is season began. He was a legitimate All-Star candidate, of course until he visited Philadelphia and gave up 9 runs without making it out of the 1st inning. I think the solution is, one which Dusty actually proposed, is to pitch him more regularly. Get him out there every other day, throwing as many pitches as possible. That will soothe his tired and aching arm. That, or next season don't pitch so well to begin the season. You've got to work into it or everyone is going to be expecting quality outings all season.

The losing streak extends to 8 games. Not too bad. A streak of that length takes work. You'd think, by sheer luck, someone in the lineup would have a huge day or a starter would throw 8 innings of one-hit ball but that hasn't happened. The starters have been just bad enough to lose and the offense has been all around awful. At least that Scott Rolen deal is paying dividends. He's helped solidify the lineup by sitting on the bench with a bandage full of ice wrapped around his dome. Like a turban. Last night we did get to see a little bit out of Wladimir Balentien. He hit two balls sharply early in the night, both of which resulted in outs. Then went deep in the 9th. He appeared to have a little ability early in his career with Seattle. And he has that big mole of power on his face. It glows a greenish color when he's about to put a good swing on a pitch. It was luminescent during the 9th inning last night. The fans in attendance reported is was 'magical.' Watch for it. Reds hammer Hard-on today.

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Captain Ron said...

The streak's up to 8 games! I imagine the number of people visiting your blog has plummeted.