Monday, August 10, 2009

Reds Take Series, Skyline Loses Number One Customer

Reds looked more like an average or slightly below average team in San Francisco over the weekend. That is a major improvement from the team that was only slightly better than the Nationals for much of last week. Now the Reds get to go to St. Louis and make them make statements like "This is a series that we really thought we should win." Yeah, tough break Matt Cain. Bozo.

Bailey wasn't particularly bad on Friday, he just made two mistakes - one to the eldest of the Molinas and the other to Eugenio Velez, who, for some reason killed the Reds all weekend. If that's what he's really going to play like every scout who's ever looked at him must have made a mistake. At least he made that horrible throw to the plate yesterday, allowing the runners to move up on base where they were stranded. That about evens everything up.

Arroyo pitched pretty well Saturday, he found a new "legal" supplement which has been helping with his velocity of late. But the Reds offense just couldn't get anything going against Barry Zito from 5 years ago. Having watched that outing, you wouldn't think he'd be the owner of the worst contract in baseball history. But he is. Enjoy another 12 years of decreased velocity at around $20 million per annum Giants fans. I know you're reading this and it hurts.

And finally, yesterday, Harang got his first win of the year throwing 7+ solid innings. The Giants potent offense wasn't able to get anything going all day except for the 8th when, after being left in to hit with the bases loaded, Harang allowed three straight hits including one to Rich Aurilia (barf). New 8th inning man, Masset came in and got Sandoval to ground into a double play and the threat was officially over. Speaking of, ordinarily that would have been the roll of David Weathers who would come in, go 3-0 on Sandoval, Brennaman would go 'here we go again', before throwing 2 strikes, followed by about 15 foul ball before getting the double play or allowing a bases-clearing double. He's been a good friend to Cincinnatians. He stated, though not particularly excited to go, he is excited to reunite with old pal Big Frucking Nasty in Milwaukie. Those two are thick as thieves. 'Hey Dave, let's see who can eat the most fried cheese without crapping their uniform pants.'

As stated, Reds next stop on the vindication tour is in St. Louis today where they dominate Kyle Lohse and his funny little beard. Justin Lehr laughs at the idea of facing Pujols and Holiday back to back. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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