Friday, July 31, 2009

Reds Cap Series With Loss, Grief Turns to Acceptance, Padres 7-4

A google images search revealed the following picture representing the term 'acceptance.' The Reds Rocket has finally reached that point; monkey petting a bird. It took a while but three out of four going to the Padres at home provides some indication that the team's postseason hopes may be limited. Limited until you remember the impending 30-game winning streak which begins tonight with Homer Bailey's best pal, Justin Lehr taking the hill for his first career big league start. Reds are still in this - empty out the farm system to get an aging Scott Rolen to play 3rd.

Cueto's start yesterday was not great. His last many starts have not been great. Though, his defense didn't help him out. In the 5th, Eddie, fresh off hitting into a rally killing double play, made a bad throw on a potential double play ball. Cueto then punished Encarnacion for his misplay by serving up a double to Chase Headley, drilling the next batter in the back, then three-run bomb to Venable. Thombo stated that Cueto 'looks unhappy leaving the field' after recording the final out. Six runs is about three-games worth, so the team wasn't having anything to do with that. Looks like Dusty's famous Hank Aaron speech failed to adequately fire the team up. After last night's game it was his semi-famous 'I know you guys hates me well I assure you that I would kill each and everyone of you in your sleep, if it weren't for this nagging arthritis in my left batting glove hand' speech. We'll see how the team responds against the Mountains tonight. My guess is big victory. Reds rebound, accept both bird and monkey.

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