Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reds Bad, Dodgers 12-3

Reds continued with their promise never to win again in L.A., at least while Dusty is in charge. He refuses to budge on this issue. Bailey and his cowboy hat only last 2 and 2/3rd and was shelled. That is two pretty awful starts since the All-Star Break. Maybe Justin Lehr needs to come up and teach him another pitch, since he won't listen to Dick Pole. 'Shut you goddamned mouth Pole. I'm the one wearing the cowboy hat.'

It's hard to criticize the offense when your starter gives up 9, so I'll save that for tomorrow. When I turned the game on I hadn't seen the lineups and Hanigan was up, so I'd assumed Bailey was on deck. Turns out Hanigan and his 5 extra basehits were hitting in the 6 hole followed by Janish-Yanish and Rosales. If you have to hold Phillips out of the lineup, might as well get all of the other light-hitting members of the lineup in there. Some may question Dusty holding B. Phill out where the offense is already, well, shitty. The Reds Rocket is not one of those detractors. Dusty knows many things and nearly all of them are related to hustle. If you're hitting .193 and running after drawing a walk, you have a place in this lineup.

Reds try and pick a game out of the garbage can tonight before their trip to beat the hell out of the Cubs in Chicago. I am confident the string of strong Arroyo starts will continue today. Nothing but offspeed and 85 mph fastballs.

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