Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reds Don't Like L.A. or Randy Newman, Dodgers 7-5

Things started out pretty good against the broken down remains of Jason Schmidt last night as the Reds put up 3 in the first. But Phillips wasn't in a big hurry to get to second on the ball Ethier lost and Owings gave the Dodgers four in their half and the team's brief lead was gone, never to return again. At least Micah was able to get through five so they didn't have to empty out the entire bullpen. The Reds Rocket stresses the positives.

According to the Reds official site, that was the tenth consecutive loss by the Reds at Dodger Stadium, which is quite poor. Most of the players, when asked, say that L.A. is preferable to Pittsburgh and don't know why they always lose. Dusty blames the lack of hustle from the ballboys and the clubhouse managers. For scoring five runs, which constitutes an 'outburst' under this year's qualifiers, the Reds only managed 6 hits, 3 by B. Phill. The Reds Rocket, however, remains optimistic and will enjoy the next two wins to take the series. Homeboy back to dominating today.

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