Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reds Don't Discriminate - Give Kevin Correia Same Treatment as Good Pitchers, Padres 3-2

Reds offense went back to staying in the yard and being relative quiet for game two in the series with the Priests. They managed only two runs and six hits, though one of those 6 hits hit the bag at first and wound up being the first of Craig Tatum's major league career. I had predicted that it would be another couple of months before he reached that milestone. Tatum and Jonny Gomes drove in the only two runs of the game. At least Eddie got a couple more knocks, and looks as if he me be emerging from underneath the slump where he'd found himself trapped for the last week or so. Good for you, now people will only complain about your poor defense at third. Not the Reds Rocket, of course, we think you're doing a fine job over there at the hot corner.

Arroyo wasn't all that bad in picking up his tenth loss of the season. He gave up a lot of hits but the game was tied when he left with one out in the seventh. Of course, he left the go ahead run over at 3rd but that's why you have hard-throwing relievers, to get a strike out. Or I suppose, just to get outs but in that case it would have been preferred for Masset to record a strike out as opposed to the fly ball which scored what ended up being the winning run. There's talk of Arroyo or Harang getting fitted for a new uniform. On mlbtraderumors, which I understand to be just a guy with no particular connections to anything other than what we can all read on the internet, should we have the time to look, Harang and Arroyo were characterized as 'second tier starter' akin to Jon Garland and Doug Davis. Implying that interest may be limited, especially due to the millions of dollars owed to both arms next season. So, the conclusion is that the Reds will likely get to keep both players which is good for those of us who like rock shows and also those who like quality starting pitching.

Reds rebound today and take the series. Count on it.

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