Monday, July 27, 2009

Reds Have NL Central Right Where They Want It, Cubs Sweep

Long weekend for the Reds, lots of no offense and relatively poor starting pitching. The Reds Rocket was pretty fired up when Harang hit the three-run jack Friday afternoon but increasingly less excited with each run he gave up to allow the Cubs to even the score and then pull ahead. That marked Papa Goulash's 11th. Not great for a quality arm. I am certain of one thing, I would hate to be one of his giant children when he comes home without a win for the twelfth consecutive attempt. Battle royale in the middle of the Harang family great room. They don't bother talking out problems, Harang settles things with his fists.

Saturday, Cueto had a bad opening frame then settled down before giving up the go-ahead run to Alfons, who appears to have acclimated himself to his new position in the lineup. According to the Cubs announcers yesterday, who cannot be trusted because they're liars and mentally unfit to be talking with others, said that Soriano is hitting nearly .400 in the six hole and .220-something everywhere else in the lineup. He just needed Fukudome hitting behind him in the lineup to get him started.

Yesterday, Votto homered in the 1st but, as he is the only source of offense, no one else did much of anything. Owings' shoulder stiffened up and he took from the 4th inning off but not before he gave up the 2nd run of the game which, of course, proved to be an insurmountable deficit. All in all, pretty rough stretch of games for the team that everyone likes. Jocketty is talking about improving the team, instead of dismantling, which is clearly the smart decision. All of these losses are necessary for the team to go on its 45-game win streak starting mid-August. Dusty knows its coming that's why he's not too concerned. He's also happy that now with Dickerson's injury he doesn't have to explain himself when he's running Willy out there every day. That's a huge load off his aging back. Taveras and his 15 stolen bases are the match that ignites the offense.

Reds get to play the Padres today which is a relief. Some guy named Geer on the hill today which equals Reds offensive explosion.

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