Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reds Give Winning a Try, Reds 6-4

The days that Jonny Gomes has some impact on the outcome are the days that searching for pictures to accompany posts are the most enjoyable. Disregard the Rays uniform and focus on Gomes involved in some sort on wrestling match i.e. donnybrook, where, instead of a singlet, he's wearing a cut-off jersy, jeans and sneakers. The guy laying on the mat was the victim of a double-axe handle.

Turns out Gomes can also hit a little bit. He went yard twice yesterday bringing his season total to 10. In limited play, Gomes is slugging over .600. If only he wasn't such a ligity-liability in the field with the range of a turtle and depth perception of a mule he'd really be helping out the team. Phillips got things started off correctly with a three-run bomb off starter Geer(?). The homer followed Votto getting tossed for arguing balls and strikes. That's the second time in about a month where Joey's taken personal offense to the call of an umpire and was polite enough to offer some constructive criticism. He'll be back today, screaming at the field umpires about their calls on the bases.

Eddie also went deep and Homeboy managed 7.1 innings of quality baseball. Had he not given up back to back bombs to Adrien Gonzalez and some guy who hits in front of Gonzalez in the Padres lineup, the start would have been even more impressive. But, with as poor as the Reds starters have been, nice to see someone make it out of the 5th. Coco hadn't pitched in about a month and showed it when Kevin Kouzmanoff went yard. Ordinarily that doesn't happen. Reds continue to sweep the Padres today to even things up for that series in May. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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Oh man! Is he giving that guy the old ankle stop?