Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reds Lose to Small Venom-less Snakes, Arizona 6-2

Arroyo didn't have his grade-A salad last night, evidenced by, not only a two-out, two-run single to Mark Reynolds, which should never happen, but home runs to Miguel Montoya and the pitcher. Even though it was Haren's first career bomb, he's a pretty good athlete and swings it relatively well. Montoyo on the other hand, on a two strike hanger? That is unacceptable.

Tiffee'd been warning me not to jinx the Reds with my consistent calls for sweeps. But he doesn't know anything. The Reds Rocket is confident that regardless what I type the Reds will dominate the next two game. Jon Garland tonight? Give me a break. Bush League. Doug Davis on Wednesday is already looking forward to the big old loss hung next to his name in the box score. I am pretty sure the Snakes got all of the good play out of their systems last night. Haren isn't terrible and may be bordering on pretty good and the jokers in the offense will get back to their focused non-production.

Reds offense was quiet last night. No hits until Bruce knocked a single up the middle in the 5th. Then no runs until back to back doubles by Nix and Hernandez in the 7th. Not much else there offensively. But Dusty knows what he's doing. Tavaras' average, under the dedicated tutelage of toothpick, has that average back up to .237. Very impressive for your leadoff man. Bruce continues to alternate between good at bat and stupifyingly poor. Once he's at 70% good at bat, I think the offense will, as they say, turn a corner. The Reds, organizationally, are big on corners. Reds look better tonight. Hooray!

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