Friday, July 10, 2009

Reds Decide Phillies Can Have Season Series, They Have Better Things to do Anyway, Phills 9-6

Things started out pretty good for the Reds yesterday, Owings was rolling and Encarnacion tripled and homered in his first two at bats. But Owings gave up two with two out in the 3rd and 4th, then four in the 5th. Marty called Utley's inside-the-parker 'the easiest he has seen in all of his years as a broadcaster.' Which is certainly something. Nice job Willy and Dickerson. Either way, the Reds leave town with a 1-3 record to start the road trip. The Phanatic was firing his extendable crank late into the morning. At least the Reds play the Mets now.

The offense really wasn't that bad last night. As stated, they gave Owings a 3-0 lead with Jamie Moyer on the hill. Phillips hit a bomb and Encarnacion appears to be fully recovered, though we'll have to see how he handles pitchers throwing harder than 45 miles per hours. His only two hits last night were off Moyer whose salad is world renowned. Bruce got the night off to 'get his shit together.' Probably no reason he should be playing as poorly as he is. But, despite the overall poor offense, except on nights where the team gives up at least 9 runs, help is on the way. The Reds have signed Kip Wells to a minor league deal. I'm pretty sure he will be able to help the team. He was just released by the Nationals, the worst team I've seen in quite a while.

Arroyo's turn is up again and his recent string of starts have been subtastic. I think it's the carpal tunnel. He can't play the guitar between innings, which is bad for team moral. They like hearing Jack Johnson covers and accoustic renditions of Number of the Beast. Helps to clear their head. Reds start off with a win this evening.

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BatsExaminer said...

Here's to hoping Bronson 'KidRock' Arroyo can stop the bleeding. I live in Louisville, and am really starting to get worried that Chris Heisey may take my girl. He has been a best since being called up from Carolina. Click on my name to follow the team, just in case the Reds fall out of contention.