Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reds Lose in Close One, Phillies 22-1

Nice outing by Cueto yesterday. He recorded two outs, before taking a seat on the bench with his team down 10-0 in the first inning. Granted, he only gave up 9 of the runs and only 7 when he left, so it's not all his fault. I'm pretty sure the Reds would have come back from 7-0, but 10-0 is a spirit-breaker.

ESPN said that this is the record-setting seventh time that the Reds have given up 10 in the first inning. Another record for the Reds, congratulations. I think that's probably more due to the fact that they've been around the longest, rather than they are historically bad. Everybody on the pitching staff, with the exception of the two rookies, was pretty bad yesterday. Herrera got pounded and Masset continues his downslide. What happened to that effective late-inning arm? Marty and Cowboy were calling blowout after Cueto walked Rollins to lead off the game. 'It's going to be a long game in this park if you're not going to throw strikes.' Turns out it was a pretty long game. At least Gomes' homer put them on the board.

Onto the positives, the Reds don't have to see Hamels again. He has treated the Reds with much disrespect since he came up with the Phills. I'm pretty sure I could pick up a win with a 12-run lead. So, he got the win but he didn't earn it and that has to hurt inside a little bit. Also, looks as if I was premature in congradulating Janish Yanish earlier this season for his first career appearance. He got in the game again and was just as awful. Fortunately he's a light-hitting shortstop, so he doesn't have to worry about doing anything other than throwing strikes. And he struck a man out. I don't know who because it's amazing how many things seems more interesting when the Reds are getting a historical beating.

I realize the picture above is basically Philadelphia getting beaten up by Mr. T. That is foreshadowing for today and tomorrow. Rock's going to be all bloodied-up.

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