Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reds Play Two, Win Two

Reds did a convincing impression of a solid baseball team yesterday. The Kipster went 6 strong innings in the opener. The 5 fans who were in attendance at the early game were treated to a Pirates-special form of victory, walk-off wild pitch/passed ball, I haven't seen the official score, sure looked like a passed ball, with two outs in the 9th. Tough break for the Bucos.

Game two saw the return of Cueto from the DL and he looked like he's been revitalized. The three weeks of drinking green tea on the disabled list had him all jacked up. He threw 5 solid innings and picked up his first win in about 6 months. In both games we saw bombs from Stubbs at the top of the order. He's still striking out every at bat but his average is climbing and he's showcasing a little power and making Wilmy totally expendable/DFA-able. Phillips, fresh off a story about his sore wrist, pledging vengeance against the guy who hit him, went 3 for 4 in the second game with a bomb and a second bomb which was taken away upon review. He wrote the name of the home plate umpire in his hat too and is 'going to get him back.' Maybe he'll sleep with his wife.

So, the Reds are peaking at the right time, 20 games back of the Cardinals. They still have multiple games remaining with the Pirates so let's set the goal of catching the Cubs and adding more public embarrassment to their season. Not that finishing behind the Reds is embarrassing. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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