Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reds Show Continued Ability to Beat Pirates, Reds 10-4

Reds, on the heals of a big 5th inning, evened Cueto's record and beat Pittsburgh for the sixth time in a row. It's too bad that these Pirates games didn't occur earlier in the season when, you know, they meant something. A Reds victory is a thing of beauty, regardless how irrelevant it may appear to the uninformed populous.

Cueto gave up a bomb to the first batter he saw, McCutcheon but then cooled out and threw 101 pitches over 5 innings, the majority of which were pretty alright. The Pirates should have been out of the 5th inning, with no runs allowed, but Doumit fired a potential double play ball down the first base line and things continued. Votto ended the day with three doubles, Rolen with two. Rolen knocked in three of the 10. Yesterday, we also saw the activation of Ramon Hernandez, whose contribution to this season, compared with that of the three times DFA'd Ryan Freel, are probably about equal. The Reds will likely go into 2010 with Paul Bako back opening the season behind the plate.

Also, to less fanfare, as he doesn't and shouldn't play, was the return of Wilmy Tavares. Apparently he's healed from the leg injury and ready to "contribute", meaning provide the lead off out to begin each and every game he's in there. At least he's only making $4 million next year, that's more or less the going rate for a pinch runner. Juan Francisco continued to illustrate that he is much more comfortable coming off the bench. He hit his first career double, to go with the first career home run from last week, that I forgot to mention. That's just the type of coverage you'll get here from the Reds Rocket.

Reds undoubtedly continue their dominance of the Pirates today. I look forward to the merciless beating.

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Untapp'dPotential said...

Good to see Cueto got back on track. I was worried he was getting the swine flu.