Thursday, September 24, 2009

Votto Picks Up Four Hits, Treats Fans to Slow Motion Stream of Saliva, Reds 12-2

Reds continued their dominance of the Pirates with a blistering offensive performance. Double digit runs in two consecutive games? Unheard of. But, Dusty seems to have found the solution. In looking at the lineup card, someone named Tavares is listed at the top of the order. Apparently he's hitting a shade under .238 and playing mediocre defense. I look forward to seeing what the kids has to offer.

Votto raked four hits yesterday, including two double, giving him 5, as the pros say, two-baggers in the first two games of the series. Phillips, Rolen, Bruce, Nix and Cork each knocked in two runs. Stubbs stole a couple of bases at the top of the order, Bailey was solid, the Reds Rocket got a BB gun for Christmas; everything was right in the world. Hey Jared Burton even looked pretty dominant. The Reds Rocket is readying a picture of a broom, perhaps having consensual relations with the wives of several of the Pirates. That would really be something to see. Arroyo keeps the Reds train rolling today against the underwhelming Pittsburgh offense. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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