Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thieves Break Into Reds Office and Steal All of Their Vitamins, Offense Suffers 3-1

The team after looking strong for a week has fallen back into the hole in which they have been trapped for the majority of the season. Struggling to get things going offensively isn't something new but at Coors? Against Jason Marquis? Rolen didn't even manage a hit against the guy who tried to crack open his skull. He must be waiting until it means something, like when the Rockies are in the middle of a playoff race and a loss would really hurt them. Next time maybe.

Baloney wasn't bad at all last night. He left after the 5th with a John Lennon-like blister on his finger. Only the one run allowed, nice outing Matt. He was followed by Pedro Viola, making his major league debut. Pedro was greeted by the powerful Eric Young, Junior who took his third big league pitch out of the yard. Not an ideal start, but he settled in and got some people out. Viola is another guy that I saw in the Fall League last year, so can pretend to know a lot about. Just ask me for my analysis, I dare you.

Team has two more chances to beat the Rocks this year and are planning on taking advantage of both. Reliable Arroyo on the hill tonight. Expect the best.

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