Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Coco, Rockies 4-3

Reds fell to 0-6 against the Rocks on the season last night Seth Smith drove in the tying and winning runs with two outs in the 9th off Reds closer extraordinaire, Coco Cordero. I know he's been pretty reliable all season, but when you're the highest paid player on the team and the majority of your appearances are in very specialized situations, you'll need to close things out. The walks to Giambi and Spilborgh on 4 pitches apiece weren't a big help. Well, you'll get them next time, you fat piece of crap. Just kidding Coco, we're big fans.

Reds offense was dormant again until the 8th last night where they scored 2, to let Arroyo off the hook. Speaking of, another quality start for the Velocinator. This is a very similar pattern to last year. Good begining to the season, bad/awful middle of the season, followed by two months of outstanding starts. Then Rolen gave the team its first lead of the game with a bomb in the 9th. After that things unraveled but for a while, the team was looking good and feeling good.

Afternoon delight for the Reds today as they say so long to the Rockies for the season. Hopefully they remember to take a dump on the clubhouse floor before heading out to catch that plane.

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