Monday, September 14, 2009

Reds Drop Series to Poorly Trained Bears, Cubs 5-2

Though, in comparison to the Rockies series, the team looked pretty good, winning the one game and all. Yesterday, Bailey continued in his quest to see how many pitches he can throw and still make it through 6 innings. Yesterday he got up to 115, not bad. And he didn't even make it to 6. The offense offered little support.

Saturday, the Reds did get a victory but it was of the infuriating variety. Jumped out to a 5-0 lead, they handed it all back and had to rely on Carlos Marmol being terrible in the 9th to pick up the win. Cueto was pretty good again which seems to indicate that he was suffering from a bit of fatigue before his vacation on the DL. All starts since coming off has been decent which is an improvement over the 10, where he went 0-6, before he hit the shelf. And Drew Sutton, thank you for your positive contribution in the 9th. I believe a future utility player may be in your future after all.

Reds come back home to play the Astros whose season is equally pointless. Even more so because, since they're the Astros, no one cares about them. At least for you Cincinnati fans, you got to see some fine play from the Bengals. I tuned out a little early but the game was firmly in hand. Kyle Orton and the brutal Broncos offense had the ball on their own 20 with 38 seconds to go. No way they're going to move that the length of the field. And since the Bengals are so well coached, don't have to worry about db's knocking the ball up in the air or trying to intercept it. Just knock it to the ground, game over.

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