Monday, September 21, 2009

Cork's Moustache Outscores Fish By Itself, Reds 8-1

After two late inning losses to the Fish, courtesy of a Coco meltdown Friday night and a late bomb by Ross Gload Saturday, the Reds salvaged a sweep with the Floridians with a nice offensive showing yesterday. Cork, who seems to be getting an awful lot of time behind the plate, which the Reds Rocket is undecided about, hit his first bomb of the season, a three-run shot, and then it was all downhill from there. The Kipster, in usual fashion, dominated for 7+, to pick up his second win of the year. Votto added a bomb and the offense, in one of those rare games, seemed almost competent. Nice way to finish the season with the Marlins.

Friday night, however, was a bit of a disappointment. Bailey was absolutely dominant for 7 innings of shut out baseball. Masset worked a scoreless 8th but Coco, trying for his fifth save in five days, was unsuccessful. He wasn't helped out by the defense, Balentien lost a fly ball when his mole obscured his vision but that's not really a very valid excuse. The loss was on Cordero, who needs to continue his dominance if there is any hope that the Reds can unload his salary this offseason I mean, set the tone for a strong 2010.

Arroyo pitched real well on Saturday, going into the 8th with a 2-1 lead. However, a home run allowed to Ross Gload instantaneously transforms a quality start into a disappointment. And it did. Tough break son.

Reds get to beat on the Pirates some more starting Tuesday. I'm sure everyone, like me, will be tuning in to watch the excitement.


chuck said...

coco pitches 5 innings in five days and he's tired. aren't these guys supposed to be in shape?
they would have a hard time doing my job. i swing a 2.5 lb hammer putting floors in 5 days a week

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