Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reds Play Astros 'Clean Sweep' By Bobby Broom, They Enjoy the Guitar Work, Dislike the Message, Reds 6-5

The Reds continued their late season surge at home, sweeping away the Astros despite started Justin Lehr allowing 5 home runs, two to Keppinger. Not that Keppinger is a bad guy or necessarily a poor bat, but I'm not sure he hit two in his time with Cincinnati. That is an exaggeration used for humorous effect. I am aware that he hit more than two.

The Reds scored first when Jonny Gomes hit his 20th bomb of the season. As I've stated, if he could play a little defense and the Reds didn't have so many outfielders, he'd probably be approaching 30. Or, maybe the opposition would have determined how to pitch him and he'd be hitting .215. Hard to say but using my superior speculation skills I'll put the total number of home runs for Jonny Gomes playing everyday, 162 games, at 97. That would have been a solid year.

The Reds rallied again, scoring the winner on a wild pitch after consecutive singles by Votto and Phillips. The late inning bullpen, Masset and Cordero, was solid and the A-holes go home with nice statistics and three losses. On an aside, it appears the Houston's were so discouraged by Oswalt giving up 4 runs to the Reds yesterday that they've shut him down for the year. When you're 6-30 games under .500 at this point in the season that isn't necessarily a call you hate to receive. Now he can go back to the farm and drive his earth mover around. I hope he remembers that the Reds broke him last year when he's thinking about improving that winning percentage.

It was Cueto's turn to start today against the oversized fish but he's got a case of the shits and was sent home for swine flu precautions. Don't want him drinking out of your Gatorade bottle while you're out on the field. So, Baloney takes the hill, hopefully that blister has healed. They're a son of a bitch. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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