Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reds Sweep Up Pirates, Popcorn and Cat hair, Reds 5-3

The Cincinnatians wrapped up a very nice home series today against the Pittsburgh Shitbags. And by all indications, they will continue with the winning in Atlanta and Colorado. They owe the Rockies retribution for the disrespect from earlier in the season.

I didn't have time to write this morning on account of a very important appointment with my psychic. She predicted that I will eat a very delicious dinner within the next month. She is quite good. So, I didn't have an opportunity to comment on the win from yesterday. Reds attacked Maholm with swords and bandannas early and Lehr pitched adequately well through 6. Eleven runs in one game is something to which Reds fans are not treated to very often. Especially with the one reliable member of the offense, Votto, taking a day off to get his shit straight. Apparently, pitchers have found a way to attack his immense talent. I think he was just a little down after reading about the death of the world's oldest dog. That will get to anyone, depression diagnosis or not. Kevbo Barker filled in admirably with a couple of hits and everyone was quite pleased.

Homersexual was pretty good again today, setting a career high in strike outs and picked up a third consecutive win. He's starting to look like a legitimate major league starter with an ERA right at 5.90, which, if you will bear with me for a moment, is better than the 7.90-ish he was sporting 5 starts ago. Everyone able to follow that? Phillips looked good again today, removing a ball from the field of play, with use of the bat and driving in three runners. That RBI total, which everyone knows is of little, statistically anyway, value is making a strong march towards 100. Reggie Sanders never reached 100 rbis in a season and he is one, if not the best, player in the history of baseball. So, that will be quite an accomplishment should B.Phill be able to get there. He's going to treat himself to an extra piece of garlic toast tonight.

Finally, Stubby picked up three more hits and another bomb. Looks like I should take some time to denigrate the power numbers of some of the other players on the team. Four bombs in 15 games is pretty hot. The next couple weeks, once the league starts to find the inevitable holes in his approach should give us an idea of what kind of player he is going to be. If he keeps this up, no reason opening day center shouldn't be his job. Baseball Prospectus finds the greatest comparison to Stubbs' future game in Mike Cameron. I suppose that would be considered a compliment to be compared to a long time major league regular, if the comparison wasn't to Mike Cameron.

Reds finally expanded the roster today adding Pedro Viola. I had a chance to see Pedro throw a few times in the Fall League and he looked pretty subtastic, similar to those numbers, with the exception of the strikeouts, at Louisville. Regardless, nice to get all of these young guys up so we can go into next season optimistic. For those of you ingrates who've given up on this season. Only 13 games under .500, nothing that a trip to Hotlanta won't cure. Reds are great, that is all. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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