Monday, September 28, 2009

Reds Reach Maximum Victories in a Row, 6, Lose Finale 3-2

I like how my posts have been starting for the last month or so, more good play by the Redlegs, or something to that extent. The Reds took the first two of the series before dropping yesterday's game. But even in the loss, Cueto looked pretty sharp, like Roxette, throwing 7 and a third and giving up three.

Games one and two featured identical scores, Reds 10 - Aholes 4. Votto hit four more doubles in those two, he's like a mechanized double-hitting machine, literally. Those things can hit doubles all day long. Ray Jay went deep both Friday and Saturday, collecting 4 hits in 7 at bats. Hopefully this is what his hitting is going to look like going forward. I like this approach better than looking foolish on breaking balls and swinging and missing at fastballs in hitter's counts. And the offense was just generally good. Juan Francisco continues to rake, though with Rolen at 3rd, he's going to have a hard time breaking through and seeing significant time next year. There has been some talk of him moving to the outfield, based upon generally poor defense at 3rd. Though, this is all premature, I suspect he may struggle a bit once the scouting reports start circulating. And as all the readers know, I am quite knowledgeable.

Reds get the day off today before playing the Cardinals, who have nothing to gain, at home Tuesday. That, hopefully, means some rest for some of the starters. Don't want Carpenter to have a sore shoulder going into the post season which would be a real pity, not seeing him dominate the Reds again. Maybe Pujols needs a couple of days off to relax and find a place in his garage for the MVP trophy. The Reds Rocket would be in favor of both activities. Regardless of the loss yesterday, nice series Reds. Glad to see you guys turning it on long after everyone lost hope.

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