Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fans Pleased with Reds Performance, Dodgers 14-6

The Reds got beat up by the Dodgers last night, 14-6. The beating was at the hands of Aaron Harang who, despite the focus displayed in the picture to the left, didn't carry over to the game. He left after 5 and a 1/3, which is the most popular length of start for Reds starters this year and only gave up the 7 earned. The crowd even treated him to a few boos. That's like booing a bear at the zoo. He's in the cage so he can't get at you but I'll bet those fans won't be booing the gigantism-affected pitcher if they view him in his natural habitat - at Denny's.

The offense, for the second night in a row, was pretty good. Six runs should be an adequate amount and Kuroda has been good this year. So, that's certainly something. Votto took a ball over the fence for the second night in a row and so did Scott Rolen's sore back. The hope is that Leake can limit the Dodgers to fewer runs than the Reds score today. That generally results in a victory.

Good new, in addition to the not terrible performance by the offense, reinforcements are on the way. Breaking news yesterday, Joe Morgan has decided to join the Reds in a consultant capacity. Don't worry he'll still be calling the Sunday night games. He'll also be amusing Reds personnel and players alike with sweeping generalizations and unfinished sentences. 'For my money, I'll take a black person from the eastern United States over a Chinaman, I mean Asian American, from the Pacific Northwest.' Good to have you Joe. This organization is making a lot a sound decisions lately. Reds win today, you can add that to your day planner.

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