Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Vin Scully Mr. Redlegs, He's a National Treasure, Reds 8-5

As you can tell from the bandana, Mr. Redlegs and the whole Reds team meant business last night taking the final game of the three game series with Los Dodgers. Which, of course, gave them the series victory. Based on a pretty decent performance by Leake, the Reds are no longer the last team without a win by a starting pitcher. Good for you Mike but better for you offense. The team piled on 8 runs, which featured a two-runs bomb from Bruce on one of Padilla's eephus pitches, a big two-run double by Rolen in the bottom of the 7th and even an RBI single by Stubbs from his new home in the batting order, 7th. Granted the Reds missed Kershaw, who's filthy, but the offense looked pretty good against a team that should compete this year. However, now they have the Padres, who are a frequent pain in the ass - mainly because they are so poor but seem to beat the Reds on a semi-regular basis. Not this time, Reds have been drinking green tea all day and are fired up. The winning streak starts again. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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