Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Too Early Mr. Redlegs, Pirates 5-3

My favorite part of the news photo is Mr. Redleg's briefcase, like he just came from an important meeting. After the meeting Gapper told Mr. Redlegs that he's been doing the midnight creep with Mrs. Redlegs for the last 6 months. That news, combined with Pirates' sweep of the Reds over the weekend put a cloud over him that he just didn't think he'd be able to escape. But, fortunately for his children, both from his current marriage, first marriage and the illegitimate (bastards), authorities were able to talk him and his moustache off the ledge.

Reds looked good over the weekend. Losing close ones on both Friday and Saturday before being done in by one awful inning by Arroyo today. After the team came back to tie things up Friday, based upon a 9th inning triple by Dickerson and sac fly by Cabrera, Masset came on to strike out the first two batters, then lose the game on a McCutcheon single and stolen base followed by a Milledge single. Reds lose 5-4. I like Milledge better when his only role was team cancer. Saturday, Coco melted down, walking three, including one with the bases loaded, before giving up the game winner on a single to Garrett Jones. Reds lose 4-3. Had Coco held onto the big fat save, that would have awarded Cueto the win, which, as I've noted, would be the first by a starter this year. Today, Arroyo was perfect through three, but then gave up all  five runs in the bottom of the fourth. The bad inning featured Bronson hitting Bobby Crosby with a pitch up 0-2 with the bases loaded (which likely came from the dugout, good move strategically - Crosby will kill you) and a three-run double by noted non-talent Jason Jaramillo. After that, Arroyo snapped back, but the Reds offense just wasn't up to the 5 runs today. Can't say I blame them. Scoring runs is a lot more work than sitting in the dugout and thinking about how many hamburgers you can eat after the game. I think I could eat 6. The offense was headed by Bruce who hit his first two bombs of the year.

After the strong showing the last two of the Florida and the three in Pittsburgh, the Reds get a day for siesta before the Los Dodger roll into town on Tuesday. Dusty says that he isn't discouraged, nor should he be. He's got some heavy duty coaching to do tomorrow. Rumor has it that he may have made a motivational mix-tape and plans to distribute it tomorrow. I think that's just what the team needs. Reds bounce back and dominate the Dodgers.

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You simply must put a 'reds rocket' watermark over any image you make. You can never be too careful about people using your images without permission! Watermarks over reds rocket pictures are a tradition!