Sunday, April 25, 2010

Padres Encourage Reds Fans to Ignore Teachings of Christianity, Reds 5-4

The second consecutive sweep at the hands of teams predicted to be among the League's worst appeared imminent today as the Reds came to bat in their half of the 8th today. Down 4-3 with losses on both Friday and Saturday, Rolen flipped a single into let before Bruce ripped one down the right field line. The Padres finally decided to play some like the bad team that they are destined to be as Gonzalez mishandled the cut off throw from right allowing Rolen to score, after he was held up at third. Bruce advanced to 3rd on the misplay and was driven home on a hard hit single to right by starting/backup catcher Razor Ramon. Coco shut things down in the 9th, after of course issuing a couple of walks to keep things interesting, and the Reds boarded the plane to Houston relatively satisfied. I say relatively because, though the Pads had won 6 straight coming in, they are not a good team, at least in comparison to the Reds, who everyone knows are a very good team, and hammered Arroyo's salad during the 10-4 loss on Friday and beat Cueto yesterday as the offense just couldn't muster the interest to get a hit off Matt LeBlanc. Dusty's been making some news questioning the play of the team, encouraging them publicly to play less terrible. The team's performance today probably qualified but just barely. Bailey was pretty decent, despite giving up the four runs. He struck out 8 and brought his ERA down a shade to a solid 7.06. Ray Jay had three hits for the first time in about a year and Rolen went yard. The team has everyone right where they want them.

Everybody gets to take a break tomorrow - maybe enjoy a little of Houston's world famous double fried everything. I recommend the beer batter and fried cat. They're homeless and not doing anyone any good prior to be prepared in a delicious fashion and eaten with a side of potatoes, or potaters. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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