Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reds Meet Expectations, Start Season 0-2, Cardinals 6-3

Reds dropped the second of the series against the Cardinals yesterday but had another excuse in that they were facing another one of the better pitchers in the NL, Adam Wainwright. Not that they tried to explain the loss, other than all the excuses they made. They're fresh out of excuses today as Brad Penny hits the hill. Just because you have a big ass boiler does not an effective starting pitcher make, as the Reds Sox discovered last year. We'll ignore the portion of last season where he was pretty good with the Giants.

Cueto wasn't bad at all yesterday. He wasn't striking any one out, but only allowed the two runs. With one of them scoring after he mishandled a toss from Votto on a ground ball in between first and the mound. The crew at baseball tonight actually used that particular play to illustrate how you are not supposed to field a grounder, as a pitcher. But with the exception of bailing out on pitches during all star games and blowing your knee out playing basketball, what do Kruk and Aaron Boone know anyway. Next time the can use the Coldwell Banker field to demonstrate how Johnny picks up skanks after a win over the Cardinals. "First, I show them my hair. Then I tell them to buy me a goddamned screw driver." All through the Spanish translator, of course.

Maybe the Reds Rocket was a little early on piling on the rotting corpse of Orlando Cabrera. Nice game last night Big O. A bomb and knocked in all 3 of the Reds' runs.  I'll assume that even though you're an avid reader of the site, you missed that last couple of installments. The Reds other questionable off-season investment, Ramon Hernandez, also had a nice game picking up a couple of hits and only allowing two stolen bases. The rest of the offense can accurately be described as underwhelming. That's okay, they have plenty of time. Dusty is going to show them a thing or two about batting gloves which he thinks will help with the collective approaches.

Reds wrap things up in about 35 minutes with super star thumber Arroyo taking the bump for the first time this season. We are very excited for the Reds' impending first win of the season.