Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Aaron, What's the Deal? Marlins 10-2

Reds looked all around pretty poor yesterday. Harang was lit up for 8 runs over 4+ and the offense couldn't do much against Josh Johnson, who struck out 10 over his 6 innings and looked generally dominating. But, the offense's struggle were less of a surprise than Harang's. The handsomest man in the Midwest has been a step below good in his three starts. His ERA hovers just under 8.00 and even in his best outing, he gave back a 3-0 lead. Combined with Bailey and Cueto's last starts, the starting pitching, which looked to be an asset, even a surplus during spring training, looks less so. But, that's really a consideration for someone smarter than I am. Like Dusty or Bryan Price. Those guys are sharp. I'm sure they'll get everything figured out. Just look what Price did for the Diamondbacks last year, before he got canned. You don't get to be a top 25 pitching staff if the guy in charge doesn't know what he's doing.

Reds head up to Pittsburgh for this evening's game. That is typically a cure for what ails your team. For those of you who have not been following the Pirates closely, they have actually found a way to win four games. Likely by cheating or witchcraft. That fourth win wasn't actually scheduled until late June. So, ,you could say that they've been overachieving. Leake makes his second career start today. During the radio broadcast yesterday, Mark Sheldon was discussing his most recent article where he compares Leake and Jim Abbott. I haven't read it yet, but my impression is that it has something about them both having arms like a tyrannosaurus rex. You should read it yourself to find out.

I predict a bounce back from the last two days. Maybe even a little offense sprinkled in.

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