Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hanigan Decides that Harang Deserves a Win, Reds 6-2

The aforementioned catcher continued to rake the yard with two more hits and a career high-tying, three RBIs. The offense allows us to overlook the bad throw in the first which led to the Astros' first run. He did throw out that a-hole Bourne later in the game.

Dusty, being the master strategist that he is, also switched things up with the offense. Phillips was dropped to the two hole and Cabrera was pushed all the way back in the order to six. As usual, Dusty's stategery paid off. The offense was not terrible. Bruce picked up a couple more hits, as did Cabrera. Harang even single, which can be wholly attributed to the lineup change. 

Going along with the new policy on not being terrible. Harang pitched a solid six and only allowed the two runs. Sure, there were some runners on base but he likes to keep the viewer interested. 1-2-3 innings don't make for good ratings. He has a future after baseball to think about. So, it looks like all of that talk of removing him from the rotation was bullshit. The Reds Rocket makes an official statement that Aaron Harang is awesome and will remain so for the remainder of the season. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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