Monday, April 5, 2010

Terrific Start to the Season, Cardinals 11-6

The Reds sent their largest, handsomest man to the hill this morning to start things off for 2010 - Monsier Harangutan (please see glamor shot to the left). The fan base was encouraged for about 4 minutes, two strike outs of Brenden Ryan and Skip Schumacher followed by Pujols taking a 1-2 hanger into the Reds' bullpen. So, that's how the season begins. This sounds vaguely familiar. At least they got a couple of outs before falling behind.

Harang, despite hitting two guys, walking three and throwing a pick-off attempt away with a runner on third, wasn't all that bad. Sure, we could use a couple more strikeouts and perhaps one or two fewer runs, but who is going to mention that to him. Hopefully someone explained that to Bryan Price. Criticism must be accompanied by an animal carcass, preferably swine. He'll kill you three times before you hit the ground without even using his razor sharp teeth. At least the bullpen, especially Lincoln and Masset, kept things close. Nice work you fantastic sons of bitches. Yadier Molina has power to all fields at all times. We learned a valuable lesson going forward.

The offense was also quite tolerable. Six runs off a game started by Carpenter is above average. Granted, he may not have his best stuff today, the Reds aren't going to make any excuses for him and his soul patch. Rub up your own balls if you don't like the ones provided by the home team. Votto led things off with a bomb, then collected two more hits throughout the game. Rolen also went deep and had a potential second ripped off by Colby Rasmus in center. What a dick. Stubbs replaced Nix in the 6th and had two weakly hit singles but one scored a run and another preceded him scoring a run. Very effective start to the season Drew. Also, got to see a guest appearance by Juan Francisco who saw all of one pitch, which he slapped to right scoring. I look forward to enjoying this offense, bursting with adequosity, throughout the season.

Reds get a well-deserved day off tomorrow. Everyone is exhausted from sitting in the dugout for 9 innings. So, take some time, enjoy yourselves. Remember, you guys are the best and we look forward to seeing Johnny Cueto dominating on Wednesday.

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I'm firing up the Janish bandwagon right now. Jump on if you'd like. We'll drive it right into Orlando Cabrera's living room if we can find his pad after a gallon of Wild Turkey.