Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diamondbacks No Match For Phillips' Gestures to the Good Lord, Reds 3-1

Owings returned to Arizona to mostly positive recollections. The fans gave him a nice ovation and then didn't even seem to care that much that he shut down their offense for 7+. The only run was scored after he drilled pinch-hitting Ryan Roberts with the first pitch to lead off the 8th. Roberts being among the many Diamondbacks to have neck tattoos, as is the style in the desert. Owings took a shower after hitting Roberts and Arty Rhodes allowed the Snakes only run to score when he gave up a double to Felipe Lopez. It appears that Lopez should not be pitched to with runners on base, since he's hitting everything. Just move on to the next batter in the lineup who is sure to be terrible. Diamondbacks opening day left fielder, Conor Jackson, was actually just placed on the DL with an acute case of being terrible at baseball.

Phillips drove in the first run of the game when he knocked a single through the left side scoring Hairston. He scored the second run and then contributed to the third with a towering shot out to left. The Diamondbacks broadcast, for those of us in the local blackout area, put the on-scene reporter out by that thin scoreboard that Phillips hit. He had a couple of lights out that he was showing the viewers, which was pretty uninteresting, however, he did say that Phillips ball broke two of the lights which would have to be replaced at $2000 per light. So, how about that? Not only giving the Snakes a solid beating but causing them additional expense. All around good night for the Reds.

Reds sweep today against some guy making his first big league start against Cueto. This will not be a night for him to remember, at least fondly. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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