Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reds Decide Losing Feels Pretty Good, Opt to Continue, Phills 4-3

The Reds didn't actually play all that poorly, especially against Oswalt-esque nemesis Hamels. The offense actually touched him up for three runs, which isn't too bad considering he'd had like a 0.50 ERA coming in. Either way, we can all agree that Hamels is an asshole is his wife is dumb as a box of hair. That makes the Reds Rocket feel better anyway.

Votto took another night off and the offense, at least appears, to miss him. Not that they were necessarily dominating when he is in the lineup on a regular basis but at least one guy is picking up a few hits. Bruce hit another bomb but also struck out 3 times. His at bat against Madsen in the 8th was pretty ugly. Then the team picked up a couple more runs with a Hairston bomb, Phillips triple, and Hernandez sac fly. But that was it. Reds got a couple runners onbase in the 9th versus Lidge but Taveras, dinner with his 'other family', and Hairston, accepting award for the man who has done the most for people suffering from coldsores, had other obligations. Chris Welch, for some reason, was very pleased with Tavera consistently chasing balls out of the strike zone, rather than taking a walk to load the bases, prior to finally striking out. Pitch selection is an overrated skill. But no one argues with someone with a moustache that fine. Reds turn the switch back to 'good' tonight.

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chuck said...

chris welch bugs me to no end