Monday, May 25, 2009

Reds Take Series With Indians, Throw Litter on Highway

The Reds Rocket apologizes for the delayed recap of the weekend series, but Memorial Day is a very important holiday. I forget why. Something about remembering. Either way, team took two of three from the Indians in the Ohio Battle Royale and then game one of the three game series with the A-holes today.

The outcome of the Indians' series was not unexpected, given that they are not good any any aspect of the game. Arroyo was exceptional Friday with newly recalled reject Jonny Gomes scoring the go-ahead run after a pinch double. Rosales knocked him in with a double of his own. Jonny's missing an 'h' in his name and also the mohawk which made him look both wellspoken and approachable during the 2008 post-season. Homeboy made his first start of the season Saturday and the results were mixed. Mixed depending on how you feel about walks to weaker members of the Indians' lineup. If you feel the walks were a fine strategic decision, as does the Reds Rocket (you cannot let Jamey Carroll swing the bat, ever) you may be in favor of him getting a second start. And finally, on Sunday the Reds ate all of the fry bread and sent the Indians home unhappy. Gonzalez had a week's worth of hits, including the game winner, to combat the unpires' attempt to, once again, sabotage Dusty. Why can't they just leave him alone?

Today, Reds took game one against the Houston Wandys. Rain gave everyone a chance to catch up on baseball's greatest bloopers. Harang reemerged after the delay and recorded one out before taking the rest of the day off and heading home with win number 5. The Reds offense, missing Phillips, Votto, and Bruce, was just too much for the Astros pitching. Or maybe the horrible defense had something to do with it. So, don't roll your eyes next time you see this lineup card. Reds site says B. Phill is already hitting off a tee, which, evidently, is a good sign. Though it says nothing of his ability to throw, which you would think a broken thumb would impact. But that's not important, Reds site says he's good as new. Reds continue to ravage the league tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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