Friday, May 8, 2009

Reds Send Brewers Home to Mama, 6-5

With tuberculosis going around the clubhouse, the Reds ran 'alternative' lineup out on the field yesterday. That meant Ramon Hernandez playing first for his only time in his career and Hairston moving from short over to 2nd to take the place of B. Phill. Paul Janish Yanish sacked up and played short after icing that pitching arm down. Hernandez actually made a nice catch over at first to end the game. Turns out the Toothpick, or as his Spanish speaking friends call him (apparently there are three options) palillo, escarbadientes, or mondadientes, knew exactly what he was doing all along. I realize that this is how 40% of my paragraphs end but you can't say it enough.

The bullpen was solid again last night. After Owings wore himself out legging out triples and scoring on wild pitches, Masset came in a calmed things down. Arty Rhodes followed, walked the lefty and struck out two righties. And then Coco made everyone nervous when Nelson hit a deep fly out but retired the side in order. Thombo reminded me several times during last night's broadcast that Coco has the longest consecutive active save streak in the majors. Way to go you fat piece of shit. Just kidding, the Reds Rocket is a big fan. Big fan of Coco.

Cards in town today with 5 game winner, and piece of garbage, Joel Piniero taking the mound today against Cueto. Clearly, mismatch here in favor of the Reds, so no need to tune in. You can just read about the 14-1 win tomorrow in the paper. Yesterday, I listened to the first 4 or 5 innings on the radio and during the 'Ask Marty' part of the broadcast, a listener asked Marty who, in his opinion, was the most handsome member of the Louisville Bats team? That is a good question. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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