Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Reds Show Up for Half Inning, Then Quickly Depart Again, Phills 12-5

Ugly loss for the Reds yesterday. Despite this site's, generally, unquestioning loyalty to the skipper, perhaps late inning relief roles for starters isn't that great of an idea. I realize that he didn't have that many options in San Diego but pitch Arroyo, he's likely going to be brutal regardless. Just kidding Bronson, you're rock solid especially at home. Like tonight against the Wahoos.

In other news, not related to any other than the bottom of the 5th of yesterday's game, Volquez hit the DL with a spasming back. I've never had back spasms, due to the lack of ability to even participate in sporting activities, but they sound like they would be interesting. Is it like a constant vibrating massage in your lower back or is it like a nervous tic? I'll have to contact my good pal Edinson and see what he says. And with Volquez missing a start, we get to see the return of Homeboy Bailey from Louisville. Sure, he's established that he likes throwing a lot of pitches in big league games but not striking anyone out or even recording very many outs. But according to Skip, he's hungry. Hungry like a bear or a pig to make one start, good or bad, then go back to Louisville. So, good luck to you son. Tell Dick Pole to fuck off for me. That guy thinks he knows everything about pitching. Who is he to tell you how to pitch?

Phillips, with the exception of the questionable decision to give Rollins a free base in the 6th, had a nice game yesterday. That bomb was sweet but proved to be a big tease. I thought I remembered Jared Burton being a friend of Reds fans, not mortal enemy. Maybe it has something to do with the sideburn-less beard he's wearing these days. Very fashionable but doesn't support getting outs. How about taking three from the Indians?

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