Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here Comes a Winner, Reds 5-1

I had a hard time finding a good action shot of Harang. All are pretty much the same, him with his lips pursed throwing with a relaxed motion. I'm going to have to write a letter to my pals at Getty Images and complain about the quality, or more accurately, the lack of variety, of photos for me to infringe upon their copyright. We have a long standing working relationship, I suspect they will be happy to ablige. So, for those of you with pictures of Aaron Harang eating a sandwich or signing your breasts, send them to the email address along the side of this page. That way I spend more time critiquing the photo rather than moving on to sub-standard baseball breakdowns.

Reds turned things around last night with a variety of weakly hit balls that found room on the grass and a strong pitching performance by the resident giant. Harang, clearly enraged due to his inability to hold a lead last start, mauled two of his handlers before the game, the guy who holds the chain and the other one who is supposed to distract him with the bright colors of his uniform, like a rodeo clown, then went out and pitched a helluva game. Seven strong innings with the only blemish being a shot from Raul Ibanez. Does anyone know if they play Werewolves of London in Philadelphia so that everyone can howl "Raa-oool"? There are a lot of questions to the unseen audience today, which everyone is more than welcome to disregard. Do you like the Reds Rocket's new policy to encourage participation with the contributors? How about the capital of Montana, don't you think it's time it moves out of Helena?

The still Votto-less offense was acceptable last night, Phillips providing the most interest. He knocked in three with run-scoring singles and triples. Bruce broke his bat and knocked in a run and I can't recall how the fifth was scored and I'm just too important to navigate over to the box score. So, that will end the game recap due to utter incompetence. The key, at least from my perspective which encourages laziness, is that the Reds won. No further information is necessary, right? Reds take the series today. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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