Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reds Look Pretty Good, Brewers 15-3

Since the Reds play was piss poor yesterday, enjoy this picture of both Hasslehoff and Gary Coleman in front of Kit. It's from the episode of Diff'rent Strokes where we learned a valuable lesson about not trusting adults, regardless how nice the car may be. 'Michael, are you sure you want to touch the young boy there?'

Arroyo's start was not ideal, especially with a short bullpen. He went 1+ and gave up a very reasonable 9 runs. Even with the Reds powerful offense, that's a big deficit to come back from. The pen was adequate and, hey, Paul Janish Yanish pitching the 9th. Nice job out there Paul. Who doesn't like seeing a position player out there getting shelled when the game is already out of hand? You can likely take that ERA of 45 runs per 9 innings into retirement with you and tell your spoiled grandchildren about it. If there is a next time, I'd like to see more knuckleballs and euphus pitches.

B.Phill and Bruce both went yard, bringing the Reds up to the 3 runs you saw on the scoreboard at the conclusion of the game. So, there you have it. Reds beat the Brewers today and split the series.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the episode where the Hoff kept trying to get the boys to get in the hot tub?

Tim Timmons said...

arnold, i mean it, put on your swimming suit and get in the hot tub