Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reds Starters Serve Metaphorical Sandwich To Pirates, Take Series from Rats

Depending upon your feelings of the importance of a bread to a sandwich, the bread portion of the series was excellent. The Reds Rocket prefers a high quality wheat toast which was represented by both the Arroyo and Cueto starts over the weekend. Arroyo salad was right on Friday night, shutting the Buccos out over 8. Then Cueto was even better today, pitching a similar scoreless 8, but putting up nine strikeouts. The filling to the sandwich, Owings, would be represented by Vegimite or ham salad. Those of you who like either of those two fillings are just fooling yourself as they do not make for a satisfying sandwich. Unless you are satisfied with disappointment. Which I am not.

Owings, in addition to maintaining strong hygene and grooming standards, also has to trouble himself with taking some swings in the cage and worry about Homeboy down on the farm striking out 16 in between looking terrible. The Reds Rocket is not ready to give up on the kid and his, I believed it's termed, mediocre peripherals. He's, as I hear way too frequently, a gamer. And gamers we will support.

The offense today wasn't too bad, considering the season leading up to the series, either. The Pittsburgh fanbase's cheering every time Hernandez stepped into the box, or was announced in the pre-game lineups, turned to questioning looks and even angry muttering, as Ramon was driving in runs like a wild child. That guy can flat out rake. And it appears that Adam Rosales support has turned toward frenzy as he keeps hitting like he was at AAA. And look at that guy hustle. He just got a walk but is sprinting to first? This guy's crazy, where do I buy a jersey? Even the 6 runs scored on Saturday show that they weren't just quite as willing to give up as they appeared they may be at the beginning of the year.

The ballclud sharpen their spears tomorrow before going marlin fishing tomorrow night in Miami. No one cares, Josh Johnson, how many times you've beaten Santana this year. I hope you're prepared to be the big loser. Nice weekend Reds, that's the type of team I can support. One that can take two out of three from the team suspected to be, outside the Nats, the worst in the NL. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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You know what my favorite thing about Reds Rocket is? No, its not the witty scrawlings or the amusing analogies. It's the boldness of grabbing copyrighted images. That's the spirit of the internet right there. See something you like? Make a copy and now you have one too. Digital technology is infinite in nature and should not be hoarded by corporate entities.

Tim Timmons said...

sports illustrated, getty images and the reds rocket have a contractual agreement - i can steal any pictures i want without giving them any credit or acknowledgement. the reds rocket legal department has strong negotiating skills.