Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reds Look At the Floor And Notice It Needs Sweeping, Reds 10-3

Reds looked pretty solid again last night. The pitching was good, as Cueto picked up his fourth win of the year, and the offense was also, well, good too. Votto took the game off with the shits and the spins, so that meant Ramon Hernandez over at first for the fourth time. Saying this as a Hernandez detractor leaning more and more towards being neutral, he doesn't do a bad job over there. He made an error last night but the game was long over and everyone knew the Diamondbacks weren't going to score any more runs. So, with the day off today, Votto should be ready to go in San Diego Friday. So long, Ramon, back behind the plate where we don't have to look at that face of yours. The other players have determined that he is just to handsome, all of the post-game skanks won't leave him alone.

The offense put together 14 hits against starter Bryan Augentstein and several replacement level relief pitchers. None of the hits left the yard, but the Reds aren't about flash or even pizzaz. They'll take the singles and then throw their arms up like they just won the World Series when they hit a double. Tavares had three more hits putting his average up the level we all expected prior to the season, .322. Hairston had a couple more hits and Phillips drove in 4 with two doubles. Cueto had a sweet push bunt for a hit followed by a terrible bunt when attempting to sacrifice. That's what you get for sacrificing, let the boy swing away.

In reading the postgame wrap up, Arizona manager, we call him Aji, took some exception to Cueto putting the old pretend tag on Upton as he was crossing the plate in the 6th. The Reds Rocket feels that the new manager should focus more on being less shitty as a manager. I think running Augie Ojeda out there every day, especially at 3rd base, will make you very popular in Arizona. But he's the skipper.

So, this concludes the live Reds schedule for the Reds Rocket this season. The Reds made good on their promise to dominate at all games in which the aforementioned organization is in attendance. Dusty gave me his word in exchange for a steak sandwich. I made good on my promise to eat two 'Wisonsin Dogs', a foot-long hotdog covered with macaroni and cheese and bacon bits. Makes me feel like a big man. And, as I'm sure everyone has already noticed, the Reds are tied for first place. Shhh. Keep it to yourself. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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