Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arthur Rhodes Disappoints Everyone, Phillies 9-6

Disregarding his utter dominance for the last two months, the Reds Rocket is disappointed to announce that Arthur Rhodes was not very good last night. He faced four batter, walked one and gave up three hits. Three of the runs were charged to that ERA he'd been maintaining so carefully, jumping it all the way up to 1.13, on .04 ahead of Jordan Smith. Smith may have a couple fewer appearances and the only reason I point out the ERAs is that Smith immediately preceded Rhodes in the game and in the box score.

Leake looked not great again. Though he only gave up the two big hits, a three-run bomb to Brian Schneider and second three-run bomb to Wilson Valdez. I assumed that both Valdez and Schneider opened up theme-restaurants in their respective home towns. I'd order some baby back ribs served to me by Brian Schneider, then I'd throw them back in his face. I'd let them cool down a bit beforehand, so his face doesn't get too badly scarred. Anyway, apparently those two guys are still playing baseball and hitting bombs off Leake. The bullpen held the deficit and Joey Jo-Jo went all dramatic on Brad Lidge's ass hitting a two-out, three-run bomb in the bottom of the 9th to tie things up. But, as stated above, Rhodes imploded and the Reds went home as losers. At least they get an easier assignment today against Holliday. Joe Blanton is virtually unhittable. Maybe Lidge will get to try it again.

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