Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reds Treat Host Real Hospitable Like, Mariners Sweep

The Reds made the long trip up to the Pacific Northwest but forgot their hitting bats. Bringing either the oversized red bats which afford good contact but no power or the yellow wiffle bats which generate good bat speed but again, no power, they were only able to muster one run in three days. The problem appears to be the distance of the outfield fences from home plate that other teams utilize as an unfair advantage. The Reds Rocket proposes that all teams agree to move things in a little bit so that more balls leave the park, equating to larger run totals for the Cincinnati batters.

The photo accompanying this post was found on the first page of a Google image search. Someone was nice enough to sum up the 2010 Mariners club without me having to resort to creating something along similar lines. Cliff Lee and Felix's performances are, perhaps, excusable, as they are both pretty okay but Ryan Rowland-Smith? That doesn't make any sense. Rowland-Smith, who is, by all accounts, Australian and poor at baseball, went 6 scoreless today to best Harang, who was also pretty good. At least the Reds were able to get to the Mariners bullpen but that once that goal was met, the offense didn't know what to do with itself. After Arroyo led the charge with a bomb on Thursday to secure a win against the Dodger, that didn't translate to Seattle where, as stated, one run was scored the entire weekend. So, the Reds have fallen from first place and begin their interleague trip with an 0-3. Hopefully the A's will be a little bit more understanding about the Reds preference to playing at home. But we'll just have to wait and see. Come on boys, it's too early for a meltdown. Dusty's going to have to organize another pre-game strategy session to get things moving in the right direction. The Reds Rocket is confident that he can do so.

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