Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reds Lose Two In a Row? Giants 3-0

Matt Cain looked pretty impressive last night in shutting out the Reds. Typically he will throw the 1 or 2 hitter but still lose as the Giant offense isn't interested in producing many runs. Last night they again weren't really interested in producing any runs but that bomb by Uribe provided enough support (Masset was nice enough to give them a couple of insurance runs in the 8th - he's a giver). So, Reds drop the first two of the series with a team of a similar record. These are important series as the Reds move towards relevancy. A strong pitching performance by Harangutan tonight would be of quite a bit of help, at least more than 4 innings. He's thinking it over as we speak. He's had quite a bit of yard work to do at his palatial estate and his worn down.

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