Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reds' Rally Followed By Reds Anti-Rally, Giants 6-5

This is one of my favorite pictures from the preseason photo session. Cairo looks both experienced and dignified. I'm pretty sure he could pick out a nice bottle of wine to go with your lamb chop. You've seen him in the dugout wearing his blazer with the gold buttons over the top of his uniform. Well, last night he got to take off the blazer for a little while and participate in the game. He doesn't get to see a ton of action when Votto is healthy. He came through, knocking Zito out the game and two runs across as the Reds took the lead in the 6th, 5-4. Nice job Miguel. But that wasn't enough. Cueto wasn't terribly sharp, giving up 4 to the Gigantes over 6 and Herrera was even less sharp. I hate to agree with Thom Brennamen but last night he stated when they brought Herrera in to start the 7th that they were using Herrera to rest Rhodes. But then old Dusty brought Rhodes in in the 8th. Now, again to preface this argument, I don't make any claims to have Dusty's level of intellect or embroidered wrist bands, but, if you're going to use Rhodes, why not use him in the 7th to go through the "heart" of the Giants lineup? Then you can use Masset, as he's been doing, in the 8th and Coco to close things out. It's a mystery which will likely never be resolved.

One thing I think we can all agree on is we need more people in the bullpen who can't get anyone out. I could 3 to 4, depending on which Masset we're seeing for the day. Reds get back on the horse today again Matt Cain. Hopefully this is the one game this year where he gets shelled.

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