Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reds Draft Player Nobody Seems to Like

That's not to say that the Reds Rocket is displeased with the selection of Yasmani Grandal. He has an interesting name, swings it from both sides and is both a catcher and from the University of Miami, two things familiar from the drafts of the past three years. The Reds Rocket was just thinking that the system needed another underwhelming catcher slowly progressing through the system. Though, I have to temper my remarks about Mesoraco, as he's really been pretty good this year. At least in High A. He hasn't hit much in the 10 days following his promotion but we'll have to see. Maybe people from Punxutawnie aren't all bad.

But, back to Grandal, here are some highlights from his draft recap page.
  • Hitting Ability: Strong and physical, Grandal has put up numbers this year, but his hitting overall does not grade out that well. He doesn't have great bat speed
  • Running speed: He is a well below average runner.
  • Arm strength: His pure grade would be just okay, and his release times aren't great, but he's fairly accurate.
  • Fielding: He's been strong defensively in the past but doesn't always move his feet well.
  • Range: He's not the most agile backstop; he's been seen doing better in the past.
  • Physical Description: Grandal is a big, strong, physical backstop, kind of like a Damon Berryhill type.
Ooh, a Damon Berryhill comparison. I like the sound of that. It does say he has good power, not quite plus, but good. So, there's a solid positive for you. Doesn't like to move his feet, has a average arm, slow bat and only one season of adequate performance. Probably time, if you haven't already, to run out and get your Yasmani Grandal jerseys so you're ready for his arrival some time in 2013.

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