Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reds Respect a Woman Who Knows How to Wear Face Paint, Reds 2 of 3

Reds continued with the dominance of non-Seattle based American League ball clubs with a couple of beatings of the Indians followed by a loss today. Still, two out of three is, as they, specifically Meatloaf, ain't bad. The offense showed up all day Friday and late Saturday before the Indians' partial rain dance threw Arroyo off stride allowing Shin Soo Choo to hit a couple of bombs and the Indians were able to salvage the final game. Koreans, like American Indians, possess an uncanny ability to hit a baseball following short rain delays. The Reds were aware of that, so his success this afternoon was not terribly surprising.

After his worst start in his short Major League stay, the Reds awarded Sam LeCure with a demotion to Louisville where he can go back to racking up big time stats. He'll be more comfortable down there. The move also freed up a roster spot for long lost friend, Bill Bray. Bray has been missing for almost two years due to arm trouble and general ineffectiveness. But now he's back, giving the Reds three left-handed options out of the pen. One, Rhodes, who gives up runs about once every three months, the second, Herrera, who does nothing but give up hard hit balls which typically lead to runs and the third, or "thrid" as I typed three times before mastering the correct spelling, Bray. Bray, used to throw pretty hard and will be asked to get out a few of those left-handed Phillies. He claims he's up the task and Dusty isn't one to question unsupported assertions such as that.

The offense also saw a minor readjustment at the top of the order. Out-factory Cabrera got bumped down one slot in favor of B. Phill leading things off. Phill's been hot for about the last month (and allowed that to carry over to his driving over the weekend - hence the reckless driving charge with his mom in the car) and is planning to keep things up getting on base 3.5 times out of 10 as opposed to Cabrera's approximately 0 out of 10. The offense prefers to have a few guys on base at the top of the order, prompting the change. So, we'll hope that the production keeps up against Kyle Kendrick tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that it will.

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